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We love incorporating memorable shoutouts from celebrities into your event. We partnered up with Cameo for preferrred pricing.

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Our Process

The Galas At Home process takes you from concept all the way to an event your donor base will love

1. Creative Run of Show

We start with one of two meetings where we work together on a run of show that communicates your story, is fun for your guests and resonates with your organizations culture. This is usually done with our lead producer, creative director and your dedicated event producer.

2. Event Production

With our event producer and technical director, we take care of all the small details leading up to your event including building your slides, organizing your dry runs, auction items, paddle raise, optimizing your videos for livestreaming and making sure all your speakers look good.

3. The live event

It's all hands on deck with our team managing your livestream, your giving/auction software and providing technical support in the live chat for any issues your guests might be having

Simple, Transparent Pricing

Tell us your vision and we make it happen

Professional Livestream Management
Peace of mind for livestreaming your event


  • Best practices consulting call
  • Up to 5 speakers and 3 pre-recorded videos
  • 60 Minute Max
  • 1 Dry-Run
Premium Livestream Management
For those looking for a highly polished, interactive and personal experience


  • Creative Director Consulting
  • Dedicated Event Producer
  • Unlimited videos and speakers
  • 60 Minute Max
  • Up to 3 dry-runs
  • Slides creation
  • Consulting with every speaker to optimize their video, audio, and lighting