Turn Key Virtual Live Galas

We take care of all the audio/video stream, giving software and staffing for your event so you can focus on your donors

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Who This is For

You raised between $30,000 to $250,000 in your last in-person gala
You are reluctant that a virtual live gala will work for your community.
You are able to spend the effort to dig into and have donors pre-commit, find sponsors, and donor matches.

What's Included

Tech Team and Streaming

We set up and manage your on-screen experience to ensure it's engaging for the entire event.

Event Software

Event website, auction items, paddle raise, checkout and everything in between we take off your hands

Event Production

We have a proven process works through every detail of the event.


How much work will it be?

For the organization, they need to market the event to their donor base, provide any auction items and put together some material for the actual event. We take care of everything else.

What does an event look like?

In the age of Netflix, people need something engaging and short. Our events are packed with energy between 30-40 minutes long.

What about hiring an auctioneer?

Hiring an auctioneer/MC who will work with you on your storytelling and delivery to maximize results is a worthwhile investment. We have a number of professional benefit auctioneers we work with and can introduce you to.

Official Auctria Partner

Galas at Home is the official parter of Auctria for a turn-key solution for those wanting a hands-on approach, using the best event platform for non-profits - Auctria

Looks great
Easy to use
Trusted by over 29,000 clients

What Does An Event Schedule Look Like?

Here is our simple formula that has worked to raise significant money for other Virtual Live Galas

  • 30 minutes before - Start Pre-roll
  • Start - Introductions, getting registered to bid, sponsors
  • + 5 minutes - About the organization (video or live interview)
  • + 7 minutes - About the organization and appeal
  • + 5 minutes - Fund-A-Need Virtual Paddle Raise
  • + 7 minutes - Small live auction
  • + 2 minutes - Close and Thank You

Who Does What?

We take care of all the small details so you can focus on the big picture: getting people to your event

Your Organization GalasAtHome
Marketing to your donor base Set up your event website
Event Production
Put together a keynote speaker to interview VLG best practices consultation
Put together any media to show in the event Script/Agenda creation
(optional) Find auction items
Event Software
Set up payment account Set up and manage the giving platform
Set up and manage the registration
Manage the checkout
During the stream, change the items and paddle raise
Live Stream
Set up the live stream on your account
Screen compositing for the entire event
A studio quality setup for every one of our auctioneers

Simple, transparent pricing.

No hidden fees

Our Service

We charge a flat fee that includes everything, just add an MC or auctioneer

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    Compare To Other Video Live Gala Packages

    Professional AV Team ($4000) +
    Giving Software Solution ($3000) +
    Event Staff ($4000) +
    Auctioneer = Starting at $11,000

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