Interactive Virtual Galas

Interactive Virtual Galas


For those new to the idea of working from home, Zoom fatigue is real. Staring at your screens every day and only having virtual meetings can be a real drag.

… and now you want them to attend your virtual fundraiser?

The key these days is coming up with ways to make your event fun and engaging so that people show up and stay at your event. How is that possible? A few ideas we have seen work that hopefully you can incorporate into your events.

Live Music Improv

Everyone loves live music, but including high-end celebrities may not get the response you’re looking for. Anyone can find incredibly well-produced music on Youtube or Spotify with just a few clicks.

A more unforgettable experience? Why not a musical comedian who can take suggestions from your audience via a Livestream chat and play a song live? How cool would it be for someone in the audience to have their name incorporated into a song?


This is a really easy one to do. Simply ask people at the beginning of the event to post “their favorite thing about X” in the chat. Then at the end of the night, pick a random person who left a comment to be the winner. This gets people chatting and interacting with the hosts.

Interactive Cocktail Mixer

Bring a charismatic bartender from your community onto your Livestream and have them coach three people on the screen live. Everyone at home can be making the same cocktail live. The bartender heckles the hosts and everyone is fumbling together.

Dance Party

Bringing in a live DJ and featuring your audience on the screen is the only way for the next while that we can have a dance party. With Zoom and other tools, there are some great tools out there to make this happen. We did that at our very first Global Fam Jam. The quality isn’t great but we have improved it significantly for our other events (check out around the 1-hour mark)

Send in your photos

People LOVE to see themselves on the screen. Encourage people to dress up for the event and take pictures of their setup. If you set up a hashtag for the event, you can monitor it with a tool like Hootsuite to see the stream of images coming in. You can cut to a segment to browse what people have been sending in and have the host comment on them.

Live Costume Contest

One of our clients held a pirate-themed costume and “pirate’s lair” contest and it was a blast. The participation was wonderful and got some lively local press about how much fun it was. Check it out here (23 minutes):

Zoomaroke! with DJ Purple

This is a lovely experience. Why not a private experience for your organization?

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