Turn key, engaging end-of-year experience for your team

While in-person events won’t look like the same as last year, we can help you put on a virtual event end-of-year event your team wants to show up to and talk about for years to come!

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Your Virtual Holiday Celebration

Annual Highlights

We work with you to come up with a video idea or simply a speech from your CEO with associated slides to look back on your year

Award Show

Let's get that same energy you have when people recieve awards in person. We will have your award recipients receiving the award live on the screen.

Interactive Elements

Everyone will miss the entertainment you usually have at your event. We have partnered with incredible entertainers from around the country to energize your event


Zoomaroke? Improvivation Mucisians? We craft experiences to help your team connect when connection is so crucial at this time.

Interactive Fun

Make your event fun and not "just another Zoom meeting". We work with you to find interactive segments that make your event a favorite for years to come.


Want to make the minds of your employees explode? Consider incorporating a mentalist into your event. Here are two options we love:

Zoomaroke! with DJ Purple

This is a lovely experience. Why not a private experience for your organization?

Improv Musician Comedian

Everyone loves live music, but including high-end celebrities may not get the response you’re looking for. Anyone can find incredibly well-produced music on Youtube or Spotify with just a few clicks.

Live Costume Party

One of our clients held a pirate-themed costume and “pirate’s lair” contest and it was a blast. The participation was wonderful and got some lively local press about how much fun it was. Check it out here (starts at 23 minutes):

Interactive Mixology and Food moments

Food and drinks are often a huge part of your in-person events. Why not partner with a local restaurant or bar and have your team pick up a quality meal and have the chef make a video showing how the meal was made. Alternatively, send your guests a care package with the ingredients for the official event's cocktail and have a charismatic bartender on the screen coaching your event hosts on how to make it while everyone at home is doing the same.

Our Process

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